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Best Tech Events for September 2015

September is here, and while summer might be winding down, the tech events scene is in full swing!  Check out our list of upcoming events this month in the DC metro area. A “Periodic Table” of Bugs, or How Can I Really Tell What’s Wrong With My Code? Sponsored by: OWASP DC Wednesday, September 2

Agile 2015 – The Recap

The Annual Agile Alliance conference is one of our favorite times of year! We love getting together with our fellow Agile practitioners to learn, teach, network and emerse ourselves in all things Agile. Agile2015 did not disappoint!  We learned tons, had an opportunity to speak to some great groups of people, and are recharged and

Resources for Women in Tech

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We thought last month’s article about keeping women in tech deserved a follow-up. We don’t want any of our fellow women in tech to feel like they’re alone out there – especially when there are so many communities providing training and support. Here are a few of our favorite resources: Early Exposure to Tech Cyberjutsu

Installing ASP.NET 5

Earlier this summer, our friends at Tech Talk DC took a first look at installing ASP.NET 5.  In a three part series, Excellian Brian Palladino shared his experience setting up ASP.NET 5 on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

When is a Rough Estimate Enough of an Estimate?

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As Program Managers all know, taking time to estimate a program’s schedule and budget is a critical and highly valued part of the planning cycle. But what happens when projects change direction or new priorities pop up?  When plans suddenly shift, it’s impossible for Program and Project Managers to avoid feeling that all of that

What is Lean Discovery?

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Have you ever found yourself wondering if the product or feature you’re working on really provides the most value to your customers? Maybe you’re not sure why the output your Agile team creates from the Product Backlog just doesn’t seem to have the impact on your organization’s goals you expected? Or why halfway through a

Pulling in the Same Direction: Why Development Projects Need BAs

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We’ve all been there….  we’ve worked on teams where software developers and project managers work closely with a client on a project, and deliver a product that still doesn’t quite meet the mark. Maybe it was delivered late.  Or maybe it met a client’s long list of requirements, but somehow failed to produce what the

5 Reasons We Love Slack

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Every so often a disruptive new technology comes along that changes the way organizations get things done. The most recent example of this is Slack, the hot new communication tool that is quickly becoming standard for software developers and others whose work centers on building great products. While Slack won’t be replacing your email anytime