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Best Tech Events for July 2015

July in the District means fireworks, BBQs, and a slew of tech events to keep you busy when it’s too hot and humid to be outdoors!  Check out these tech events taking place in DC, Maryland, and Virginia this July! SQLViking: Pillaging Your Data Sponsored by: Washington DC OWASP Chapter Wednesday, July 1 6:30 –

Make Your User Stories Manageable Through Story Decomposition


We’ve all been there: sprint backlogs filled with large unwieldy epics, or maybe your team has committed to stories that are simply too large to complete during the sprint. An important aspect of the product backlog grooming process in Agile Scrum is the often overlooked task of story decomposition. Story decomposition is the process of

Striking the Balance Between Innovation and Stability

Balanced Rocks Thumbnail

Working in the software development field, we are constantly driving to be innovative with the solutions we create, the technologies we use, and the project management approaches we take. But when does the need for stability and “just getting things done” outweigh the desire (and thrill) to be innovative? Excella Managing Consultant Andy Bacon ruminates

How to Create a DevOps Culture on Your Delivery Team


The benefits of adopting DevOps are numerous: shorter release cycles, swifter issue resolution, and faster delivery of features. So much so that the practice of bringing your developers and your operations staff together in one integrated team is becoming the gold-standard for IT development and delivery. We can all agree that it’s a great concept

Best IT Events for June 2015

Here are the IT events we are looking forward to attending this month around the DC metro area. Hope to see you there! 2015 Project Management Symposium Sponsored by: The Project Management Center of Excellence at the University of Maryland, College Park Monday, June 8 – Tuesday, June 9 College Park, MD Business Agility 101

Best IT Events for May 2015

Here are the IT events we are looking forward to attending this month around the DC metro area. Hope to see you there! Agile Leadership Network (DC Chapter) What Does It Mean To Be Lean? Thursday, May 7 6:30 – 8:30 PM Vienna, VA Modev Transitioning to a Mobile-Centric Organization Thursday, May 7 6:30 PM

What Does an IT Project Manager Do?


Most of us are not fans of bureaucracy; it means extra paper work, extra signatures, and extra hurdles for accomplishing our tasks. In the IT world, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce excess or unnecessary work. Within this lean mindset, what exactly is the role of the project manager? Project managers play a

Best IT Events for April

Spring is here and the DC events scene is blossoming!  There are lots of great events in the DC tech community this month – check out our round up of the top ones!  Hope to see you there! Washington DC OWASP Chapter Cyber Vulnerabilities of Biometrics Wednesday, April 1 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM Washington.

An Intro to AutoMapper


We are constantly on the lookout for resources to help us learn new techniques and technologies.  For those looking to learn more about object-object mapping, our friends at Tech Talk DC put together a .NET technical guide for AutoMapper, a tool that allows you to map from one object to another automatically, without having to

What is Business Intelligence?


As with many things in information technology, the phrase “business intelligence,” or BI, means different things to different people. The most succinct definition is “obtaining meaningful information – value – out of data.” The supporting mechanics of developing BI are concepts such as data analysis; data warehousing; extract, transform, and load (ETL); and data architecture.