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Our Top Three Takeaways from DCBADD 2015

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Who expected DC Business Analyst Development Day (DCBADD) to begin with David Bowie lyrics and Flintstones references? The International Institute of Business Analysis – DC Chapter knows how to throw a great event! DCBADD began on a high note, literally, and continued throughout the day. The event featured a number of presentations from speakers in

Three Things We Learned at Dreamforce 2015


Picture a sea of iPhone scrollers in beanbag chairs strewn about two football field’s worth of AstroTurf that blankets what was a busy city street just hours before. Imagine a CEO’s annual company recap and pep talk being preceded by a few songs from STEVIE WONDER…performing LIVE. Think about how motivating it would be to

8 Ways to Keep Your Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) Pipeline Working for You

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A continuous integration and deployment pipeline (CD/CI) is such an important aspect of a software project. It saves a ton of manual, error-prone deployment work. It results in higher quality software from continuous integration, automated tests, and code metrics. Ultimately this facilitates better software that can be released more frequently. With a CI/CD pipeline, every

Best Tech Events for October 2015


The October tech events scene looks exciting! Check out our list of upcoming events this month in the DC metro area. Agile War Stories: Practical Tips From The Trenches Sponsored by: Agile Leadership Network DC Chapter Thursday, October 1 6:30 – 9 PM Vienna, VA DC Business Analyst Development Day (DCBADD) 2015 Sponsored by: International

What To Do When You Can’t Find A Change Management Sponsor

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Change management best practices often reinforce the need for a strong change management leader or sponsor to lead the charge for major organizational change. A credible sponsor can help promote buy-in across your target audience. But what happens when it becomes impossible to find a single sponsor who has the time and energy to champion

The 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make in Interviews

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As the founder of two IT services firms over 28 years, I have interviewed thousands of job applicants. I’ve interviewed over chili, biscuits and gravy, over the phone, via Skype, and in my own kitchen. In spite of that vast array of candidates and venues, I’m still surprised at how frequently candidates make these basic

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

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As program and project managers, its often our job to ask lots of questions of ourselves and others (and to make sure that we are asking the right questions).  Whether we are trying to define the solution to a tough problem, uncover what a customer really needs, or make sure that we have defined all

4 Signs You Need Lean Discovery

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In a previous post, we defined Lean Discovery as a set of tools and processes to deal with the inherent uncertainty of trying to determine what our customers want and need, and how the market and operating environments for our product will develop in the future. We achieve this by applying concepts like Lean Startup’s

Top 3 Reasons You Should Attend DCBADD 2015


Can you believe it? The 2nd annual DC Business Analyst Development Day (DCBADD) is right around the corner. The inaugural DCBADD in 2014 sold out and was attended by nearly 150 business analysts, project managers, Agilists, and others who wanted to network and learn more about business analysis and related disciplines such as project management,