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Ken Furlong

Agile Value Tracking, Data visualization, Scrum

Burndown Chart vs. Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)

Virtually everyone who has ever been part of a team using Scrum or practicing Agile...

Agile, Kanban, Product Management

What is Kanban?

This post is co-authored by Excella Agile experts Paul Boos and Ken Furlong.  Ken will...

Agile, Agile Requirements, Scrum

Sprint Commitments

As an Agile coach and trainer, I have a love-hate relationship with the idea of...

Agile Value Tracking

Sizing Agile Stories with the Relative Sizing Grid

Agile practitioners have long recognized the value of sizing Agile stories using relative sizing. Story...


Ha, Not Ready to Ri: The Shu Ha Ri Approach to Agile Development

Have you been on a team or in an organization that adopts a new methodology...