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Mark Grove

Agile, Kanban, Professional Development

Kanban in Action: The Workshop

As the two Kanban Trainers at Excella, Mark Grove and I think a lot about...

Agile, Kanban

My Experience with Kanban Outside IT

Kanban for Human Resources: What I Learned During My First KMP I Class I recently...

Agile, Project Management

The Vaguely Right Agile Release Forecast

“It is better to be vaguely right than exactly wrong.”– Carveth Read. What does this...

Agile, Scrum

Empirical Process Control (Part II)

In my prior post, I provided a backdrop to the importance of empirical process control...

Agile, Scrum

Empirical Process Control (Part I)

This article is part one of a two-part series discussing how Scrum employs the empirical...

Agile, Best Practices, Culture, Scrum

The Agile Mindset: Being Before Doing

Is your organization Agile? When we ask this question to organizations we often hear that,...