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Insights / Professional Development / Remote-work and Burnout: 10 Ways to Avoid it on Your Tech Team

January 12, 2021

Remote-work and Burnout: 10 Ways to Avoid it on Your Tech Team

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For many tech pros, remote work is hell because all the traditional work/home boundaries are blurred. And in this economic environment, everyone is trying to avoid getting laid off. All the more reason, then, for wanting or needing to be always available to the job. Unfortunately, we are seeing that sort of connectivity bring work-related stress to a whole new level.

TechBeacon talked to tech pros and HR managers, including Excella CTIO Jeff Gallimore, to see what best practices have emerged in this remote era. Click here to read the guide: 10 suggestions for avoiding burnout as a development, testing, security, or other IT professional.

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