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Insights / Modernization / Cross Post: Use Design Thinking to Modernize Legacy Applications

December 18, 2017

Cross Post: Use Design Thinking to Modernize Legacy Applications

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Design Thinking is a popular way to address business problems, but there isn’t an obvious fit when modernizing legacy applications. Although, Design Thinking can ensure that modernization efforts bring real and thoughtful value to the organization, it is important to expand the thinking to include the goals of the organization and its business processes as additional “actors” within your Design Thinking framework.

To tackle the modernization problem of thinking it’s only about the end-users, an organization must:

  • Understand the problems the modernization efforts should address for the users as well as for the organization
  • Explore many methods for ideating and brainstorming solutions that will fix the business problems alongside the user problems
  • Materialize prototypes to validate the solutions and consult with software engineers to determine how technically feasible the solution is

For more information on using design thinking to modernize legacy applications check out the original post on LinkedIn, by Stuart Ridgway, an Excella UX Xpert.

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