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Insights / Agile Transformation / Cross Post: What Should Our Reliance on Estimation Be

December 07, 2017

Cross Post: What Should Our Reliance on Estimation Be

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One of our resident Agile Xperts, Paul Boos, shares his thoughts in the post, “Views of Estimating and Not Estimating for an Executive” on his Nimblicious blog. Here, he takes a couple of stances on how executives may approach estimates based on the organizational context. Paul goes on to emphasize that a variety of estimation techniques, including not estimating at times, may be appropriate.

If you have been wondering how the #noestimates movement plays in at the executive level, we think you will find his post helpful.

For further information and insights into when choices can be made about estimation check out Paul’s original post.

Paul Boos serves as an Agile coach helping executives, senior managers, and teams transform their software development thinking and learn  to effectively lead. His blog – Paul Boos’ Nimblicious – Making Agility Tasty, is an Agile platform where he shares his thoughts on product and portfolio management, Agile and lean approaches, user experience, and leadership.

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