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January 23, 2018

Excella’s New Look

2 mins read

Today, I’m excited to share Excella’s new look!  

It comes at an exciting time, as we welcome more Excellians, expand our headquarters and amplify our ability to solve our clients’ biggest technology challenges. Like Excella, our brand is ever-evolving and our new logo, colors and font are a vivid representation of that evolution. Our brand articulates who we have become through 16 years of experience and where we are going with greater aspiration than ever before.  

The Power of Technology 

The world of technology is always changing, but its power to affect change is constant. When we started Excella, we set out to help people realize their future through the power of technology. Sixteen years later, the technology has evolved, but our mission of impact remains the same.   

Read how our team leveraged UI/UX to help homeless youth connect to resources, and how Excella is helping the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ auditors harness data to uncover health care fraud.  

People Who Power Technology  

We have always believed that people power technology and this is even more important to us today. We cultivate highly engaged teams of technologists to transform our clients’ bold visions into elegant solutions. At boot camps, meet-ups, conferences and trainings, our technologists never stop learning and sharing what they know. Every day our teams bring us new possibilities to explore and experiment with, and we are lucky to call them Excellians. 

Learn about our active tech community, our technologists and life at Excella

Solve and Evolve 

We have always been driven by continuous transformation, improvement and progress for our clients and ourselves. That’s why we partner with our clients to solve their challenges through incremental advances or leaps of innovation. But we have never been content to stop there. We also evolve the way our clients work by elevating their expertise and optimizing their culture for change. In this way, we approach every challenge with an eye to solve and evolve. 

Find out how we are solving and evolving federal agencies’ approach to legacy IT obstacles in the federal government. 

Technology Together 

If you love technology like we do, we invite you to explore its power with us. Curious how technology can solve your biggest problems? See how our clients are harnessing its power to make bold moves. Want to evolve your skills or that of your organization? Attend a training or visit our Arlington Tech Exchange to check out an upcoming event. Lastly, if you have your own inspiring story of how technology is shaping your world, please share it with us!

From all of us at Excella, thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to hosting you at our Arlington headquarters or seeing you out in the community soon! 

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