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Insights / Professional Development / How Do I Become A Change Management Specialist?

May 17, 2013

How Do I Become A Change Management Specialist?

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Recently, someone asked me what it takes to become a change management specialist.  Since this is a rather new field with limited programs (see links below) for certifications, I pulled together key skills you should have to plan, deliver and execute the change management approach.


While change management is its own unique discipline, there are skill sets involved that you may have deep expertise in, and that can help you become an effective change management specialist. Some examples of these skills are:

  • Project Management: There are multiple schedules and plans (communications and training) which are rolled up into a change management plan.  It needs to be managed, executed and measured well.
  • Communications: Great messages and key themes inform, engage and promote sustained change across an audience.  Employees want to be in the know through emails, websites, focus groups, demos, posters, and Q&A opportunities.
  • Training: If your employees need to learn new behaviors, it is key to provide them with helpful resources.  If it’s a new system, provide quick reference guides, demos, and coaching to promote learning.
  • Common sense and innovationYou know your organizational culture (and if you don’t, learn it!), so don’t go “by the book” on methods and techniques to roll out your change management plan.  If your employees get engaged by getting outside, sponsor an event that will get them moving…use your imagination!


Do you need more formal resources to learn the skills and traits of change management?  If so, the Prosci certification may be useful.  This one week program defines the value of the ADKAR model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement) in creating your change management approach.

Do you know of other certifications or good skillsets to have? Share them here!

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