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Excellian Spotlights | Culture, Excellian Highlight

Excella Innovators: Vic Kumar

Solving the Right Problems with the Right Technologies For Vic Kumar—Lead Consultant and Xpert on...

Change Management | Change Management, IT Modernization, Usage Metrics, User Engagement, User Experience

How Usage Metrics Can Help your User Engagement Strategies

The Department of Health and Human Services has a mission to reduce fraud, misuse of...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | ai security, AWS, AWS Summit, Cloud, healthcare ai, legacy system

Innovation in Public Health, Education, and Security at the AWS Summit

Through our partnership with AWS, we attended the AWS Summit in Washington, DC. In the...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Agile for AI development, AI framework refinement loop, AI lean canvas, AI solutions, Benefits of AI framework, Lean canvas

Using a Lean Canvas to Refine AI Solutions

To build valuable artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) solutions, it is essential to have a clear...

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