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Our people are passionate about their work, and they have a lot to say about it! Check out our insights and resources for our thoughts on technology, data, Agile, and program management.

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Digital Service Delivery | Developer Tools, DevOps

Helping IT and Audit Work Better Together: The DevOps Audit Defense Toolkit

Many organizations want to adopt DevOps practices to get the benefits associated with it: faster...

Tech Tips | JavaScript

Which JavaScript Test Library Should You Use? qUnit vs. Jasmine vs. Mocha

In JavaScript, unit testing is a topic that does not seem to be discussed as...

Agile Transformation | Agile, Change Management, Culture

5 Keys to a Successful Agile Transformation

While aiming for a more nimble and responsive IT organization is a worthy goal, the...

Agile Training | Agile, Business Analysis, Training

What is Agile?

If you work in technology – or business in general – then you’ve probably heard...

Agile Transformation | Project Management, Scrum

Three Signs Your Project Might Fail

We’ve all been there – a few weeks or months into a project and things...

Modern Analytics | Agile, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Reporting, Visualization

How To Build A Dashboard Your Customers Will Love

Have you ever seen or built a dashboard that was deemed important for an organization...

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