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Insights / Digital Service Delivery / Pulling in the Same Direction: Why Development Projects Need BAs

August 12, 2015

Pulling in the Same Direction: Why Development Projects Need BAs

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We’ve all been there….  we’ve worked on teams where software developers and project managers work closely with a client on a project, and deliver a product that still doesn’t quite meet the mark. Maybe it was delivered late.  Or maybe it met a client’s long list of requirements, but somehow failed to produce what the customers really needed. Chances, if you have been in this situation, your team was missing one key ingredient – a business analyst (BA).

Last month, Excella Managing Consultant Stephanie Vineyard answered the question “Why Does My Development Project Need a Business Analyst,” in her article on the BA Times. Here Stephanie explains what happens when a development project lacks a BA, and how including a BA on your project team can keep the team, the clients, and the customers aligned and poised to deliver a great product.

How has having a BA impacted your project experience? Tell us here!

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