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Change Management, DevOps

What Happens When There Isn’t Enough Time and Money for DevOps Transformation?

As the DevOps movement picks up steam, many organizations are starting to embrace it and...

Agile, Change Management, Culture

5 Keys to a Successful Agile Transformation

While aiming for a more nimble and responsive IT organization is a worthy goal, the...

Agile, Agile Business Analysis, Business Analysis, Change Management, CSM

How to Be an Agile BA

When I started working on my first Agile project in 2008, I remember hearing a...

Change Management, Project Management

Why Do Most Business Intelligence (BI) Projects Fail?

It is frustrating to see a project fail, but even more frustrating to wonder what...

Agile, Change Management, Training

How Do I Become A Change Management Specialist?

Recently, someone asked me what it takes to become a change management specialist.  Since this...

Change Management

What Are The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing Change Management?

So you’re going to create and execute a change management strategy for your next project. ...

Change Management

Three Change Management Misconceptions Every Business Should Know

I’ve posted before about change management being misunderstood with and as communications. But, there are also...

Change Management, Culture, Project Management

Why Do I Need Change Management?

In today’s world of technology and globalization, change is inevitable.  Your organization cannot function the...

Business Analysis, Change Management

What is Change Management and How Does it Work?

If I had a nickel for how many times I have been asked these questions...