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Developer Tools, Mobile, Software Development

Three Reasons Ionic Made Building a Mobile App Incredibly Simple

When I first wanted to build a mobile app, the idea was very daunting. I...

Cloud, Developer Tools, Software Development

Serverless Development with Angular, Firebase, and Cloud Functions

Ng-conf 2017 was a great opportunity to learn many of the features that are on...

Developer Tools, Software Development

Taking Control with Angular CLI

Going into ng-conf 2017, I thought I knew everything I needed to about Angular’s official...

.NET, Developer Tools, Software Development

.NET Standard: The Rosetta Stone for Developers

The Problem Right now, there are three application types within the Microsoft community: .NET Framework...

Developer Tools, JavaScript, Software Development

The Best New Feature of Angular 4

A team of Excellians recently attended ng-conf 2017 in Salt Lake City, UT, the premiere...

Big Data, data integration, Developer Tools

3 Tips to Pick an Analytics Database Platform

It is an exciting time to be in Data Integration and Solutions Architecture. We’re reaching...