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What Is An Entity Framework Code First Migration?

Update: Readers in the Washington, DC area can learn more about this topic at Shahed’s upcoming...

.NET, Developer Tools, DevOps

Are There Any Free Code Coverage Tools For .NET?

So you’re thinking about measuring the coverage of your developers’ unit tests using a code...

.NET, Developer Tools, Software Development

How Do I Set Up A .NET Development Environment On A MacBook Pro?

 Setting Up a .NET Development Environment on a MacBook Pro and the Development Experience There...

.NET, Developer Tools, Tools

How Do I Find Out What Process Has A File Or Folder Locked?

I hate getting ‘Access Denied’ to a particular file or folder without explanation! As a...

.NET, Developer Tools

StyleCop vs FxCop: What Is The Difference Between These .NET Code Analysis Tools?

The other day I was speaking with a client and they asked me to describe...

.NET, Continuous Integration, Developer Tools, DevOps

TeamCity vs Jenkins: Which is the Better Continuous Integration (CI) Server for .NET Software Development?

So, you’re getting ready to install a continuous integration (CI) server for a .NET project,...