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Cybersecurity, DevOps, DevSecOps, Security, Shifting left, Software Development

Software Lifecycle Development: Day 0 vs. Day 2 DevSecOps

Improving the software development lifecycle has benefits both internally and externally, particularly when security is...

Cybersecurity, Security, Shifting left, Software Development

3 Tips for Shifting Security Left in the Development Process

In modern software development, cybersecurity cannot be an afterthought. Instead, security should be considered as...

Culture, Cybersecurity, Security, Shifting left

Seven Indicators You Have A Culture That Values Security

Many organizations say they value security. That’s not a surprise. With all the news of...

Automation, DevOps, Security, Shifting left

The Shift Left and the Future of Tech with John Gilroy and Jeff Gallimore

In case you missed it, Jeff Gallimore, Excella’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, joined long-time...