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Developer Tools, Mobile, Software Development

Three Reasons Ionic Made Building a Mobile App Incredibly Simple

When I first wanted to build a mobile app, the idea was very daunting. I...

Agile, Federal, Mobile, Scrum, Software Development, User Experience

How We Did It (with Agile): Building the USCIS Civics Test Study Tools App

This spring, with Excella’s help, the Department of Homeland Security’s US Citizenship and Immigration Services...

Agile, Scrum, Software Development

Sprint Zero or Not to Sprint Zero

A colleague of mine recently asked me and a few other Excella developers our opinions...

Cloud, Developer Tools, Software Development

Serverless Development with Angular, Firebase, and Cloud Functions

Ng-conf 2017 was a great opportunity to learn many of the features that are on...

Developer Tools, Software Development

Taking Control with Angular CLI

Going into ng-conf 2017, I thought I knew everything I needed to about Angular’s official...

.NET, Developer Tools, Software Development

.NET Standard: The Rosetta Stone for Developers

The Problem Right now, there are three application types within the Microsoft community: .NET Framework...

Developer Tools, JavaScript, Software Development

The Best New Feature of Angular 4

A team of Excellians recently attended ng-conf 2017 in Salt Lake City, UT, the premiere...