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.NET, Software Development

What Is An Entity Framework Code First Migration?

Update: Readers in the Washington, DC area can learn more about this topic at Shahed’s upcoming...

DevOps, Django, Python, Software Development

How Do I Internationalize My Django App?

Internationalizing a website is hard. If you have a simple site and are working with...

Best Practices, DevOps, Software Development

Why Do We Need DevOps Now?

An Interview with Gene Kim, author of “The Phoenix Project” This summer we were very...

DevOps, Mobile, Software Development

How Do I Validate An Android Form?

I have heard lots of questions about how to develop for Android OS lately, so...

Developer Tools, Java, Software Development

How Do I Write A Batch Job Using Java?

Admittedly, batch jobs are not sexy or even “in fashion” compared to other technologies, but...

.NET, Developer Tools, Software Development

How Do I Set Up A .NET Development Environment On A MacBook Pro?

 Setting Up a .NET Development Environment on a MacBook Pro and the Development Experience There...

Agile, Agile Requirements, Best Practices, Business Analysis, Developer Tools, Requirements, Software Development

Should I Use A Tool For Agile Requirements Documentation?

Agile requirements documentation can mean different things to different people. Before choosing a tool or...

Automated Testing, Best Practices, Software Development

Why Is Unit Testing Important?

The other day I was talking with a client and they asked me the following...

Agile, Automated Testing, Best Practices, Continuous Integration, Software Development

What Are The Best Software Engineering Practices?

Clients often come to us asking how to improve their software engineering. They want to...

Business Analysis, Project Management, Software Development

Software Engineer or IT Consultant? Which Does My Business Need?

What a question.  Are these two even different?  When you’re in the business of providing...

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