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It’s Okay to Be Different

Having different ideas and opinions, shared by no one but yourself, can be lonely and...

Women in Technology

Women Who Code: The Weather is Great, Come Join Us!

What is this woman’s role? Did you say something other than a software developer?  Why?...

Women in Technology

Women in Tech: Getting the Job You Want

Here at the Excella Extension Center, we’ve just completed interviews for our fall semester intake...

Women in Technology

The Grace Hopper Experience

Our Time To Lead In 25 years in the industry, I have attended a lot...

Women in Technology

Women in Tech: One Woman’s Story

Earlier this year we started a dialog about the challenges women in technology face today....

Tools, Women in Technology

Resources for Women in Tech

We thought last month’s article about keeping women in tech deserved a follow-up. We don’t...

Women in Technology

Three Ways to Keep Women in Tech

There’s a lot of buzz out there about the need for more women in technology...