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November 09, 2012

What is Excella Consulting’s Blog?

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Welcome to Excella Consulting’s blog! Thank you for stopping by.

Just Another Corporate Blog? We Hope Not.

After 10 years in the world of business and technology consulting, we’ve decided to start blogging. Why? Our goal is simple: we want to share what we know with you by answering the questions that we hear every day.

We have seen and done a lot in the past ten years. We’ve noticed that while new challenges always arise, many of the issues our clients experience overlap. For example, our clients are often saying things like, “Our current IT solution takes too long to get things done, it costs too much, it’s not what I wanted, and it’s not easy to use.”

At Excella, we work to solve these types of problems every single day. And we know that a lot of other organizations have similar problems, so we are trying to help by sharing our solutions and thoughts here.

Expect to read about some things that we know a lot about. Things like assessments, training, coaching, and hands-on implementation services in areas like Agile, business analysis, business intelligence, Java, and .NET.

Tell Us What You Think!

If an entry doesn’t exactly answer your question or makes you think of a new one, please let us know! We’re providing a variety of ways to reach us, including email ([email protected]), our website, and Twitter, but the easiest way to respond to a specific blog post is to use the form that appears at the end of each post.

Please note that if you have an issue with any of the content on our blog, let us know and we’ll work to solve it.

A Little About Us
Group of Excella volunteers posing.

Excellians volunteering

Never heard of us? Excella is a business and technology consulting firm based in Arlington, VA. We have been serving both government and non-government clients around the DC area for the past 10 years.

We have found success by following a simple corporate philosophy: take care of your people, take care of your clients, and the rest takes care of itself.

“Excellians” (as we like to call our people) are professional problem-solvers. We live to help our clients develop and execute strategies to use technology to move their business forward. That’s why an individual Excellian writes each and every post. We’re a passionate bunch, and we look forward to talking with you about our many interests!


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