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Global Employment and Background Screening Company

From Prototype to Product: One Company’s Whirlwind Success

Our client, a global employment and background screening company, came to us with every software developer’s dream job: to build a functional prototype in just six weeks. The goal was to bring the idea to the company board and create a new way to serve the company and their client base. We knew the project would be a great one – what we didn’t know is that it would create not just a new product, but a new, wholly-owned subsidiary that is now up and running and processing tens of thousands of transactions in its first year.

The Issue: Seeing is Believing

Our clients’ services span the full spectrum of intelligence needs, including providing Due Diligence services, for federal clients. By 2013, it was time to take those proven capabilities to the commercial sector. They believed that by pairing their highly experienced investigative specialists with a web-based portal, they could better serve the nuanced and varied needs of their commercial clients—needs ranging from a simple background check for hiring purposes to a deep dive into the finances of potential partners for mergers.

To persuade their Board and prospective clients, they needed a working product; stakeholders had to see it in action.

How Excella Helped: Agile Processes and Speed to Market

With a small, lean team using Agile processes, Excella worked side-by-side with the client to create the solution. Leveraging Python/Django technology on a Heroku cloud platform, the firm quickly had a high performance minimum viable product (MVP) that was streamlined and scalable. Using Python/Django provided two key benefits: short time-to market and ease of future enhancements.

A Vision Fulfilled, and Then Some

The client team assumed the next step would be to fund the development of the full-scale system – a process that could take years. However, due to the success of the prototype, the Board created an entirely new entity, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent company. The new company delivers the services promised by the prototype to clients across a broad range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications.

“Often Excella is hired to tackle tricky challenges or to fix urgent issues. But this client didn’t come to us with problem; instead, they had a visionary idea. And we helped realize that vision.”
– Mark Wainwright, Partner

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