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Excella Sponsors the Cajun Navy Ground Force Charity Internship

At Excella we believe in the power of technology to solve big problems. We also believe in the power of inclusive communities and the need to make great technology careers available to everyone.

We are proud to sponsor and support the Cajun Navy Ground Force Charity Internship. Thelma Van, a UX Designer and Managing Consultant at Excella, teamed up with the Cajun Navy Ground Force this year to offer an internship opportunity for those interested in learning more about the field of UX. This 6 week long program will provide valuable UX design support for the nonprofit’s upcoming web application which provides a way for individuals to purchase web application for charity. The mission-driven internship also supports a diverse group of professionals looking to grow their careers in UX design.  

For many, bridging the gap between graduating from university or coding bootcamp and getting the career experience necessary to advance in the UX design industry can be challenging. Thelma Van shared, “It’s amazing to be able to support an exceptional nonprofit using the power of technology to provide disaster relief to communities across the country.  I am also passionate about creating UX design opportunities for individuals from all walks of life. This internship with Cajun Navy Ground Force gives individuals a chance to explore the field of UX and support the community.” 

Rob Gaudet, the founder of the Cajun Navy Ground Force shared this, “We help disaster survivors in their darkest hours by connecting them to valuable resources. As a technology-led and data-driven boots-on-the-ground organization, ease of use is critical to fulfilling our mission. Focusing on the user experience of our platforms is part of our ongoing strategy. We are honored to be working with a group of UX interns to help bring awareness to innovative ways citizens can engage with disaster relief.”


You can learn more about the Cajun Navy Ground Force here. 


About The Cajun Navy 

Cajun Navy Ground Force is a new Era of Disaster Relief.

Cajun Navy Ground Force is a 501c3 disaster relief non-profit established in August 2016. We organize professional citizens to respond to a range of natural disasters across the United States. When disaster strikes we stabilize communities by quickly mobilizing volunteers from our arsenal of nationwide trained professionals. We partner with national and local corporations, donors, the federal government and community leaders for funding to provide supplemental services to those in dire need. We accomplish this through three core programs: SAFE Camp, Community Caretaker Volunteers and our Remote Teams.

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