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Excella Announces Senior Leadership Promotions

Five Senior Leadership Promotions Advance Organization’s Diversity, Scalability, Sustainability, and Impact.


Arlington, Va. – August 25, 2020 – Excella, a pioneer in Agile technology solutions, announced the promotion of five of the company’s leaders to senior positions. Claire Walsh, Tony Solomita, Beth Gomolka, Sarath Ravella, and Jaman Botts were each promoted to new senior leadership positions. The promotions will advance Excella’s innovation and leadership in key markets, capabilities, and workforce development.

“Hiring and retaining exceptional Excellians, while creating meaningful solutions, is critical to our purpose and what we built Excella to do,” said Burton White, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Excella. “Each of these Excella leaders is instrumental to the growth of our organization, investing their professional passion, impacting our clients, and helping others cultivate exceptional careers.”

Specifics into each promotion and their new role is included below:

  • Jaman Botts promoted to Director of Workforce Management. Jaman will be responsible for managing, developing, and executing Excella’s resource management and workforce strategy by evolving its company’s staffing and resource management and creating tailored plans for each of Excella’s core and emerging markets. Jaman was the former Resource Manager and has been with the company since 2017.
  • Beth Gomolka promoted to the Vice President of National Security. Beth will be responsible for the effective operation of Excella’s activities within the National Security Market through expanding contracts and fostering new work–while enabling engagement managers, project leadership, and staff to achieve agreed-upon targets. Beth was the former Director and Market Owner of National Security and has been with the company since 2010.
  • Sarath Ravella promoted to the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. Sarath will be responsible for significant strategic and cross-organizational initiatives to grow Excella’s presence in new markets, focusing on leading Excella’s Defense business development efforts to enter this marketplace. Sarath was the former Director and Market Owner of Defense and has been with the company since 2007.
  • Tony Solomita promoted to Vice President of Innovation. Tony will manage Excella’s innovation engine and managing the portfolio of delivery-related intellectual property and external thought leadership activities. Tony will also be responsible for identifying trends in the industry and supporting employee engagement by providing career direction and community for Excellians. Tony was the former Director of Innovation and has been with the company since 2006.
  • Claire Walsh promoted to the Vice President of Engineering and Services. Claire will be responsible for maintaining Excella’s capability portfolio for sustainability and growth, establishing baseline delivery practices, and ensuring Excellians have the capability-related skills and practices needed to succeed on projects. Claire was the former Director of Engineering Services and has been with the company since 2015.

“These promotions recognize the incredible impact of these leaders have had on our clients and the careers of many Excellians. I’m thrilled to have them on our Excella team driving the success of our company,” Burton continued.

Excella has over 18 years of experience successfully leading Agile Transformations, modernizing legacy IT systems, and delivering artificial intelligence solutions to leading organizations, federal agencies, and non-profits.