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Data & Analytics Services

Every day, your organization and customers create rich, revealing data through clicks, transactions, data entries and more.

We help you act on your data by leveraging our three core areas of analytics and expertise to make sure you can access it, learn from it, and make better decisions with it:

  • Data Integration – building automated data pipelines and platforms
  • Data Visualizations – creating people-friendly analytics
  • Data Science – using advanced math and statistics to build powerful machine learning and AI solutions that work with you

Our Approach

Whether you want to build a modern data platform or deploy an intelligent assistant, we custom-build a solution that turns your data into progress.

Our Self-Service Analyst Toolkits and AI Solutions combine modern big data technologies with the Cloud and Agile, Lean, DevOps delivery expertise. We deploy small cross-functional teams to encourage quick iteration while having all the specialties required for a successful end-to-end project.

Self-Service Analyst Toolkits

Providing data at the fingertips of those who need it means less time waiting and more time making decisions.

Our customizable analyst toolkits provide self-service tools for everyone from executives reading dashboards to data scientists building machine learning models. We help you select the right tools and data platforms, build data pipelines and repositories, add people-friendly visualization and train users in advanced analysis techniques so you feel confident with your tools.

Our Agile approach means you’ll move even faster—one of our partners delivered a product in only 14 months that had been on leadership’s wish list for more than six years.

AI Solutions

We build artificial intelligence solutions that support—and enhance—people’s work. Using advanced data science models and tools we automate time-consuming tasks that modern machines can now execute faster and more accurately (such as finding patterns in images, text or speech).

AI offers endless possibilities—one recent partner is close to launching an intelligent online assistant using a machine learning technique called gradient boosting to improve customer experience.

By investing in AI research our AI solutions perform at a scale and level of accuracy that is world-leading.

Organizations We Support

Cloud Analytics DC
DC data and analytics practitioners meet to discuss best practices, trends and ideas to leverage the Cloud for analytics activities.

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