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Embracing Human-Centered Design to Improve User Experience

Have you ever felt like a digital product was made just for you? Well-implemented design can, and should, make users feel like they’re able to get from point A to point B on your website, application, or product easily. Starting with user research, honing in on the user’s needs and your expected outcomes helps you deliver experiences that delight users and keeps them coming back for more. At its core, human-centered design is about understanding the people you hope to design for and creating solutions from their perspective. Taking this approach may be just what you need to create a user-centered design that gives you a competitive advantage.

As design experts, our technologists see value in iterating on their ideas, building strong relationships with clients, and focusing on the end-user throughout that journey so that we can help our client’s organizations land on the optimal solution. Iterative ideation is a core phase of human-centered design because it encourages wild ideas and psychological safety as a means of making creative leaps. Those creative leaps inspire teams to solve design challenges and evolve the way they work by moving beyond the obvious solution, creating the end product that resonates best with your users. If you commit to the process, you’re sure to increase customer satisfaction as you improve the user experience which leaves your customers wanting to come back for more.

Watch this video to explore the different phases of a human-centered design approach and understand how it can help your organization drive customer loyalty by enhancing your digital product. Learn how some of our past clients have made this approach their priority and dive deep into each of the five phases of a human-centered design approach, including:

  • Empathize with real users
  • Clearly define the challenges
  • Ideate and generate a multitude of possible solutions
  • Prototype those ideas into action
  • Test and repeat


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