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5 Ways to Sabotage Your Enterprise Agile Transformation

Wouldn’t it be great if Agile transformations were easy, quick, and clean? Unfortunately, for most organizations, this is not the case. Last year, we addressed the typical struggles most organizations encounter during their transformation journey. From the initial decision to implement modern delivery approaches, the hurdles you’ll certainly face are not unique, but in the defense industry the stakes are considerably higher.

In this eBook, we’ll address some of the steps you can take to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Pitfall #1: Adoption versus Transformation: Agile can be adopted, but to really unlock it—and your organization’s potential—you’ll need to use Agile to transform how you work.

Pitfall #2:  Directing versus Leading: Many Agile guides and books stress the importance of culture and mindset. Agile is often described as a new way of looking at problems and approaching solutions. There is merit to this view, but it is challenging to put into practice.

Pitfall #3:  Practices versus Results: Significant gains can be achieved with Agile. Organizations can move faster, adapt more quickly, and avoid major risks. However, many organizations fail to achieve these results because they prioritize the adoption of specific practices.

Pitfall #4:  Working versus Flowing: Many federal agencies get Agile working at the team level, but then it stalls. If you’re not seeing synergy across teams, programs, and departments, your Agile adoption isn’t progressing, your work won’t flow, and you won’t see the full benefit.

Pitfall #5:  Structure versus Relationships: Conway’s Law holds that organizations build systems that mirror their communication structures. The implication is that your organization constrains the solutions you create. If you’re struggling with Agile, your organizational structure might be holding you back.

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