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Julie Wyman and Hunter Tammaro @ Agile2019 | Measuring Flow: Metrics that Matter

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Does your Scrum team start all its stories on day 1 of the Sprint? Do stories sometimes carry over into the next Sprint? Or perhaps testing always gets crammed in on the last day of the Sprint? If any of these sound familiar, join Julie Wyman and Hunter Tammaro for “Measuring Flow: Metrics that Matter” on Thursday, August 8 at 10:45am in Maryland Ballroom D and see how your team will benefit from improving its flow.


Join us at Agile2019, an annual conference dedicated to furthering Agile principles and ideas. Hosted at the Gaylord National Convention Center on August 5 – 9, six Excellians are covering presentation topics ranging from, “Your Agile Leadership Journey” to “Agile and Scrum in Government Agencies.” Stop by our booth and say hello!

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