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Maximize Your Growth with Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics is increasing in importance as more customer behavior is tracked through online ecommerce sites. With Emarketer forecasting an 18% increase in online spending for 2020 and the Wall Street Journal reporting a 31% year-over-year increase in eCommerce for May, it’s more apparent that the utilization of customer behavior to drive decision-making will be a key company differentiator in the future. The major shift towards online shopping creates a need for more advanced analytics as companies look for ways to understand their customer’s complex, constantly changing online behavior.

The strategic use of digital analytics capabilities serves as a competitive advantage for companies as they utilize their data to gain and retain the right customers, create better customer experiences, and use actionable intelligence to drive future decision-making. Excella’s data experts have seen recurring challenges across our clients and across discussions within the digital analytics community. They’ve realized that although it is easy to collect massive amounts of digital data, it is extremely difficult to collect, analyze, and use it meaningfully.

Poor data strategy, data quality, and data literacy can cost companies millions of dollars in time and resources. You not only want to collect data, but you want to know what questions your data answers, and how your data aligns with the overall business priorities. Without investing in the strategic use of data, many companies are making decisions based on assumptions about their customers. Why make assumptions when you can use actionable intelligence sourced from real customer behavior?

The keys to making faster, more confident data-driven decisions that propel customer satisfaction and revenue growth rely on your company’s effort allocated to digital analytics. Watch this webinar and learn how data strategy, quality, and literacy are key to Maximizing Your Growth with Digital Analytics:

  • Create a Data Strategy that uses digital analytics to drive your business goals
  • Build trust and save money through better Data Quality
  • Understand the value of better Data Literacy across your organization

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