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Paul Boos @ Agile2019 | Leading People, Managing Paradoxes

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When groups embark on their quest for increased agility, they are essentially working on the opposite side of a paradox that has been ignored. As they take their journey, they begin experiencing the downside of ignoring the traditional, control-based approach and there is an outcry to revert. In other words, a dilemma is created. Want to learn more about these paradoxes? Join IT Executive Coach Paul Boos on Wednesday, August 7 at 2pm for his presentation in Maryland Ballroom C, “Your Agile Leadership Journey: Leading People, Managing Paradoxes” and learn more about the paradoxes within an organization’s Agile journey.


Join us at Agile2019, an annual conference dedicated to furthering Agile principles and ideas. Hosted at the Gaylord National Convention Center on August 5 – 9, six Excellians are covering presentation topics ranging from, “Your Agile Leadership Journey: Leading People, Managing Paradoxes” to “Agile and Scrum in Government Agencies.” Stop by our booth and say hello!

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