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How Silverline Communications Put Agile Marketing in Action

Silverline Communications, a marketing and communications agency, was constantly navigating the challenge of unpredictability and rapidly changing priorities. Seeking a change, they partnered with Excella to improve their focus and Agility through Kanban, a highly visual management method suited to the continuous, fluid workflows of non-IT teams. Learn how they made the mindset shift towards value-driven decision-making and prioritization in this three-part series.

Part One | How Kanban Applies to Marketing

About a year ago, the Silverline team began looking for a scalable workflow management solution that would help them make their team members and clients happier. Their team’s success was fueled by a client-driven mindset that created challenges as they grew due to competing requests and unclear priorities, resulting in unknown staffing needs and an inability to predict delivery.

Find out how the Silverline team implemented Kanban to create a sustainable, value-focused process with the help of an Agile coach in part 1 of our Silverline Case Study series.

Part Two | Overcoming Kanban Implementation Challenges

Before implementing Kanban, the Silverline team loved the energy and excitement of agency work but craved a sustainable, grounding process. In moving away from client-driven prioritization, the team put a heightened focus on value. Their journey with Agile started with finding a process that worked for their team, but as time goes on, they continue to evolve their policies and find ways to eliminate impediments.

Understand how this marketing and communications team shifted their mindset and evolved Kanban to work for them in part 2 of our Silverline Case Study Series.

Part Three | Benefits of a Coached Agile Journey for Non-IT Teams

With an Agile Coach’s help, the Silverline team incrementally transformed their work processes over four months, gaining confidence. As the team became more comfortable with Kanban, they developed a system that included key Lean and Agile processes that worked for them. With this new confidence, they worked more autonomously and the Agile Coach they at one time needed could step back and let them continue their Agile journey on their own. Through daily stand-ups, board visualization, team policies, WIP (work-in-progress) limits, and newfound metrics, the team began seeing many new outcomes from their transformation.

Take a look at the potential that can be unlocked from shifting team mindsets and process optimization through Kanban in part 3 of our Silverline Case Study Series.


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