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Agile Transformation

Transform your organization: accelerate delivery, improve quality, and increase predictability.

We focus on continuous improvement to sustain your agile transformation, measuring client value, delivery, quality and collaboration to help clients get to market faster, improve product quality, and increase employee and customer happiness.

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Our Offerings


  • Environment & Culture
  • Planning & Requirements
  • Methodologies & Tools
  • Engineering & Testing Practices


  • Classroom Trainings
  • Custom Workshops
  • Build Communities of Practice


  • Enterprise Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Technical Coaching
  • Product Coaching


  • Program Management Planning and Execution
  • Agile Metrics for Value, Collaboration, Delivery & Quality
  • Scaling Frameworks


Our Approach

Whether you are transitioning from waterfall to agile or improving your initial agile practices, our industry-recognized experts customize an approach for you. We pull from team-level Agile frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP) and Agile at Scale frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, [email protected], Disciplined Agile) and Agile delivery practices (DevOps, LeanUX, Design Thinking, Continuous Delivery) to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Continuously improve

We focus on your goals – delivering value and making your customers happy – and we use Agile principles and practices to help you:

  • Orient around the Continuous Improvement Backlog.
  • Assist organizations, programs, and teams by providing value aligned to your outcomes through improved product quality and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Facilitate team improvement of product and collaboration and increase employee morale and retention.

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Build a learning organization

Excella’s Agile Coaches understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to supporting organizations, programs, teams and individuals. Our approach strives to build a learning organization:

  • We focus on what’s working, what is not working and drive change in the organization to improve outcomes.
  • We challenge how the organization thinks about its entire portfolio of work and foster cross-functional collaboration to accomplish priorities.
  • We facilitate regular retrospectives to inspect and adapt our coaching approach and confirm everyone remains aligned with the highest priority needs.


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Empower change

Transforming is about organizational and cultural change. We implement agile principles to iterate and realign practices:

  • We establish feedback loops to captured metrics and achieve the defined success outcome.
  • You get an adaptive approach to sustained delivery and consistent communication.
  • We use visual tools, templates and models to build trust and increase transparency, leading to sustainable change.

Organizations We Support

DC Scrum User Group
Excella’s technologists sponsor DC’s largest monthly gathering of Agilists to discuss all things Agile, Scrum, eXtreme Programming (XP), Lean and Kanban.

Change Management Meetup
DC’s Change Management (CM) community meets to add new skills to their CM Toolkit.

DC Women in Agile
DC-area women working as Agile practitioners meet monthly to discuss selected topics and share experiences of being women in the Agile space.

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Check out the Scaling Manifesto

Agility at scale is the ability of multiple teams to effectively achieve a common purpose within highly dynamic environments. The Scaling Manifesto compliments the original “Manifesto for Agile Software Development” to help you scale Agile in any type of creative work, not just software development.

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