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Transform your Organization

Accelerate delivery. Improve quality. Increase predictability.

Achieve breakthrough success for your technology initiatives and embrace an Agile transformation. Your organization must break down barriers and innovate, but how can you get there if you’re limited by rigid, inflexible practices? Embracing agility across your organization can transform how you set goals, respond to change, and work collaboratively to deliver great products that drive business results.

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Transform your Organization

Accelerate delivery. Improve quality. Increase predictability.


Achieve breakthrough success for your technology initiatives and embrace an Agile transformation. Your organization must break down barriers and innovate, but how can you get there if you’re limited by rigid, inflexible practices? Embracing agility across your organization can transform how you set goals, respond to change, and work collaboratively to deliver great products that drive business results.

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Embracing Agile Transformation

Business as usual is no longer good enough.

Customers and employees expect higher quality products and tailored experiences. The stakes to achieve mission and business objectives are higher than ever and teams must keep pace with change. There are many ways to tell that “business as usual” is no longer working and it’s time for transformational change:

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You spend more time managing dependencies and patching up existing problems than creating new value.

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Your efforts to introduce change or improvements have consistently failed.

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You’re not keeping pace with market shifts that demand faster and better results to achieve your goals.

Truly agile organizations can adapt quickly to change and respond faster to market and customer demands. Getting there requires more than simply adopting an Agile framework or purchasing a new tool, it requires a diligent approach and the right mindset across an entire organization.

The results speak for themselves. Organizations that embrace Agile Transformation see benefits like:

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Reduced Waste
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Faster Time to Value
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Fewer Production Incidents
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Increased Employee Morale and Retention
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Increased Customer Satisfaction
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Improved Organizational Alignment

Evolve For Tomorrow

We’ve been on board with Agile since the beginning and have seen the positive impact it can have on organizations of all sizes. It doesn’t matter what your role is—developer, manager, analyst—or the type of project you are working on, taking an Agile approach is more rewarding for everyone involved and leads to better business results.

Using our collective expertise, we empower your teams to adopt a transformative Agile mindset. Equipped with the right tools and support, your teams will challenge traditional thinking and remove roadblocks in your technology and processes.

Whether you are transitioning from waterfall to Agile or improving your initial Agile practices, our industry-recognized experts customize an approach for you. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we pull from team-level Agile frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP), Agile at Scale frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, [email protected], Disciplined Agile), and Agile aligned delivery practices (DevOps, LeanUX, Design Thinking, Continuous Delivery) to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Continuously Improve

We help you establish and orient around the Continuous Improvement Backlog.

We assist organizations, programs, and teams by creating value aligned to your outcomes through improved product quality and greater customer satisfaction.

We facilitate team improvement of product and collaboration and increase employee morale and retention.

Build a Learning Organization

We focus on what’s working—or isn’t—and drive change in the organization to improve outcomes.

We challenge how the organization thinks about its entire portfolio of work and foster cross-functional collaboration to accomplish priorities.

We facilitate regular retrospectives to inspect and adapt our coaching approach and confirm everyone remains aligned with the highest priority needs.

Empower Change

We establish metrics-driven  feedback loops  to  achieve defined success outcomes.

You get  an adaptive approach  to  sustained delivery  and  consistent communication.

We use visual tools, templates, and models to build trust and increase transparency, leading to sustainable change.

Elevate Your Approach

We offer tailored solutions to help you implement Agile principles and practices, so your customers realize the benefits. Our coaches quickly assess your current state and recommend a training and implementation roadmap so you can create alignment, establish purpose, facilitate common understanding, and deliver a new way of working for your organization. We use our Explore, Train, Coach, Evolve approach to transition organizations from “doing Agile” to “being Agile,” delivering customer value, increasing employee engagement, and improving product quality.

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We examine your business context, develop an understanding of your environment and culture, and review your current methods and practices to produce specific recommendations unique to you and your business.

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We host informal workshops, provide classroom training, and build communities of practice to ensure common understanding of Agile approaches and how to implement them in your organization.

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We provide direct feedback to team members throughout your organizational ecosystem to help them understand how to support Agile approaches and foster continuous improvement.

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Change how you work, accelerate deliveries, and gain confidence for further improvements because you have a strong foundation in Agile principles and practices.

Empowered Agile Transformation Partners


For Silverline Communications, clients are not just customers. They’re partners. For many years, a client-driven mindset fueled Silverline’s success, but as the company grew, competing requests and unclear priorities created challenges, like a difficulty anticipating staffing needs and predicting delivery.


By working with an Agile coach experienced in coaching non-IT teams, they found an approach after discussing work styles, processes, and overall needs. Through the implementation of Kanban, they unlocked their teams potential as they evolved from client-driven to value-driven marketing.


Better Insights
Workflow Transparency
Value-Centric Prioritization
Improved Collaboration

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US Census Bureau

At U.S. Census Bureau, in a matter of weeks, Excella created an organizational roadmap and continuous improvement plan creating an Agile mindset internally and elevated the agency as an Agile thought leader in the federal government.


Excella’s Agilists helped at the organizational level (streamlined gate review process, value-driven metrics) and team level (agile engineering practices, increased Agile fluency) to deliver an MVP for two product lines within three months.


Increased Team Morale
Greater Transparency
Better Prioritization
Happier Customers
Competitive Edge

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Let's Partner

We partner with clients who need to solve challenging problems and who want to harness business agility to evolve in dramatic and impactful ways. Rather than use a standard playbook or prescribe specific recommendations, we use our proven Explore | Train | Coach | Evolve approach to help organizations transform by starting where they are.