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Agile Transformation

The difference between doing Agile and being Agile drives our approach to Agile transformation.

Inside and outside IT, your organization must continue to challenge how you operate – because your future depends on sustained business agility that drives outcomes, early ROI, predictability and more.

Our proven Assess | Train | Coach | Do approach is grounded in continuous improvement because successful Agile organizations measure value, foster collaboration and remove barriers to business objectives long after transformation begins.

Our Approach: Assess | Train | Coach | Do to Sustain Change


Our initial 3-6-week assessment allows us to cater training, coaching or support to organizational needs, following a three-phase approach:

  • Preparation: Coordinate with project sponsor and stakeholders to outline the approach, identify resources and establish touchpoints.
  • Analysis: Gather information to form a thorough understanding of current state, associated pain points and opportunities.
  • Recommendations: Develop a continuous improvement backlog based on detailed findings, using that information to create an organizational roadmap.


Based on assessment findings, we create a training plan catered to the organization, which can include:

  • Classroom training: Create a shared learning experience and build a common language throughout the organization.
  • Custom workshops: Provide the just-in-time knowledge and skills that teams and individuals need.
  • Communities of Practice (CoP): Support cross-organizational Agile knowledge by helping colleagues connect, share, and learn.


Our industry-recognized Agile Coaches and technologists have a deep understanding of all frameworks – including team-level (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP) and Agile at scale (SAFe, LeSS, [email protected], DAD). We take a non-prescriptive and agnostic approach because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to mentoring organizations, teams and individuals.



Once we have advised our clients on what they should do, we help them do it. Our Agile experts focus on supporting at the organizational and team level. Our ScrumMasters, Developers, DevOps Engineers, UX Professionals and Business Analysts are available to help teams on the ground deliver in a timely fashion, build quality in and collaborate effectively—all with a focus on continuous improvement.

Organizations We Support

DC Scrum User Group
Excella’s technologists sponsor DC’s largest monthly gathering of Agilists to discuss all things Agile, Scrum, eXtreme Programming (XP), Lean and Kanban.

Change Management Meetup
DC’s Change Management (CM) community meet to add new skills to their CM Toolkit.

DC Women in Agile
DC-area women working as Agile practitioners meet monthly to discuss selected topics and share experiences of being women in the Agile space.


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