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Modern Software Delivery

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Technology is rapidly advancing and the need for evolving processes, systems, and teams continues to grow. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings about new waves of interconnectivity and automation, modernizing your digital tools is necessary to keep pace and create value.

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With Excella’s extensive digital transformation, legacy modernization, and cloud expertise, you will see value early and often. Our high-performing teams will partner with you to build a solution that brings long-term organizational success. Learn how our technical experience and Agile approach will help your organization leave its mark.

Unleash the Power of Modern Software

We know how valuable your time is, which is why our approach to Modern Software Delivery focuses on accelerating value with agility. Our experts work closely with your teams to understand your challenges, needs, and goals to create a strong foundation for alignment and rapid delivery. With DevOps as a core part of the way we work, Excella’s teams are high performing, regularly meeting Elite standards according to Google’s DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) program, and have a proven track record of shortening time to market with increased productivity and product quality.

Achieve Lasting Success with Our Array of Solutions

Digital Transformation

Improve efficiency across your organization by digitizing paper and manual processes.

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Legacy Modernization

Improve cost efficiency, performance, scalability, and resiliency by refactoring your existing solution to take advantage of the cloud using cloud native architectures.

Cloud Migration

Reduce operational costs by moving your on-premises solutions into the cloud with a migration strategy that best fits your needs.

Technical Leadership & Coaching

Upskill your team through organizational training, cultural stewardship of automation, and agility.

Benefits of Our Approach

Accelerated Speed to Value

Our team uses proprietary processes and tools to execute effectively and consistently while deploying minimum viable products (MVPs) as early as 30 days. We use lean discovery methodologies to ensure products create customer value.

Application and Security Compliance

Our team tackles security activities early in the project lifecycle to avoid delays and security surprises late in the project roadmap. We build security checks directly into our solutions, adopt zero trust architectures, and conduct automated security analysis.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Our solutions are designed with total cost of ownership in mind. We combine community and proprietary frameworks to minimize development and operational costs, without sacrificing performance or resiliency.

Impact Beyond Delivery

Our experts will provide the coaching and tools necessary for your team to effectively utilize your product, establish schedules and parameters, and approach future challenges with agility.

Proven Modern Software Delivery Success

myUSCIS: Pioneering the Future of Government Services

Seamlessly Modernizing the Customer Experience

With Excella’s help, myUSCIS, the flagship U.S. citizenship application and suite of digital products and tools not only provides applicants and petitioners with a better user experience, but it also reduces administrative costs for the U.S. government. USCIS customers continue to receive value from an upgraded customer experience and, as the results show, are welcoming the digital move

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Modernizing the American Dream: How USCIS Dramatically Reduced Verification Case Processing Times

Achieving unprecedented levels of scalability

With Excella’s support, USCIS  updated three of these mission-critical legacy systems. The modernized systems have dramatically decreased case processing times, improved customer service, and introduced a new, modern technology infrastructure. Their success demonstrates that leaner government IT processes can effectively respond to 21st century needs.

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Using AI to Combat Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Identifying and Assessing Fraudulent and Irresponsible Funding

With the Grants Analytics Portal (GAP), Excella helped to build a machine learning solution that enabled our customer to identify high risk instances of grants funding by systematically finding and prioritizing outliers and anomalies and presenting recommendations for further analysis to auditors and investigators.

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Principal Fellow, Modern Software Delivery

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