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How to Deliver Software with Impact Beyond Mere Project Delivery

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Excella Principal Fellow, Modern Software Delivery, Doguhan Uluca, and Engagement Manager, Keith Mealo join host John Gilroy of Federal Tech Podcast to discuss how to deliver software solutions that create lasting impact on federal projects. Tune in as they highlight:

  • Going above and beyond compliance with FISMA regulations
  • The importance of team and mission alignment in software development
  • What’s needed to move to zero-trust in software systems
  • The benefits of shifting security left

Federal Tech Podcast is a platform for innovators to show federal technology professionals how they can help federal agencies achieve their goals. Host John Gilroy of The Oakmont Group speaks the language of federal CISOs, CIOs and CTOs, and gets into the specifics for government IT systems integrators. Follow John on Twitter @raygilray.

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