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What we do

woman working through the challenges of offshore development

Understanding the Hidden Costs of Offshore Software Development Projects

Offshore development remains a popular choice for businesses to offset expensive technology costs. Offshore teams promise cheaper prices for quality IT workers anywhere around the globe. But the return on investment is often a break-even proposition at best when factoring in the added cost of communication and management of offshore teams, alongside the quality of work. 

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IT Modernization: It takes more than agile sprints

Embarking on a technology modernization project is not a simple feat and often involves a wide range of people, processes, and existing technologies across your organization. To increase the chances of succeeding with a modernization project, you must integrate changes to organizational culture in conjunction with improvements to process and technology.

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Human-Centered Design Explained with Thelma Van

Solving the Right Problems with Human-Centered Design

If Human-Centered Design is not User Experience, Customer Experience, or even asking people what they want, then what is it? UX Designer and Managing Consultant, Thelma Van, joins us to define Human-Centered Design (HCD), debunk the biggest HCD misconceptions, and share tools to help your organization start delighting customers today.

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CM From the Trenches 6 Lessons Learned from Years of Coaching Towards Change

CM from the Trenches: 6 Lessons Learned from Years of Coaching Towards Change

Change is about people. Not just individuals, but people interacting within and across organizations, which results in complex, adaptive, open socio-dynamic systems. Many characteristics describing and shaping these systems are in constant flux. In these kinds of systems, change is an emergent phenomenon: hard to predict, difficult to manage, and impossible to control.

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Staying Future Focused with AI, DevOps, and Tech Ethics

Keeping Your Organization Future Focused

Twenty years ago, Excella started with the belief that organizations could realize their futures through the power of technology. Today, agility, better ways of working, and technology are the fuel that propels companies forward, creating better speed to value, faster deployments, and more. But tech adoption is not without its challenges.  

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Our Solutions

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Intelligence (AI)

Enhance your work with cloud-ready solutions and enterprise-scale AI.

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Replace legacy technology with modern solutions to power your future.

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Build happier, leaner, high-performance teams and organizations.

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Digital Service

Create intuitive, design-driven websites and mobile apps people love to use.

What We Do

You have bold ideas – we make sure you have the teams and technology to make them a reality.

Technology keeps evolving and so do we. We cultivate highly engaged teams of technologists to help federal agencies, brands, and nonprofits solve today’s problems and prepare for tomorrow’s. We take an Agile/DevOps approach because delivery can be faster, change is inevitable, and your future can’t wait.

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We believe in the people who power technology – problem solvers, collaborators, and thought leaders.

Our unique team of passionate and analytics thinkers make us better at solving unthinkable problems and making technology work for our clients. Join our diverse team of experts and work with a company that gives you the space to learn and grow in your field while helping our clients realize their future.

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Work with experts to create the future you’ve always imagined for your company. From Agile and DevOps to Modern Analytics, we’ve hand-picked transformative thinkers to turn your bold ideas into actionable solutions.