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Insights / Security / Introducing the “Cybersecurity in Agile Software Development” blog series!

October 09, 2023

Introducing the “Cybersecurity in Agile Software Development” blog series!

1 min read

With security and cybersecurity top of mind for many agencies and organizations, the biggest question leaders have is how they can improve security in their systems. While organizations can implement various tactics to up the security in their tech ecosystem, one effective approach we’ve found is to integrate cybersecurity into Agile software development and DevOps.

In the first post, Excella Senior Cybersecurity & DevOps Engineer, Cam Hopkin talks about how Cybersecurity, Agile software development, and DevOps all work together to create a robust and streamlines software development framework that shifts security to the left.

Blog 1: Integrating Cybersecurity into Agile Development and DevOps

Blog 2: 3 Tips to Prioritize Security in Your Agile Software Development

Blog 3: 3 Ways to Keep Security at the Center of Agile Development

Blog 4: 3 Tips to Evolve your DevOps Practice to a DevSecOps Culture

Blog 5: Software Lifecycle Development: Day 0 vs. Day 2 DevSecOps

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