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Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

Powerful Insights that Drive Future Focused Organizations

Data is all around us and provides valuable insights that enhance decision-making. By harnessing the power of your data, you can transform your organization and adopt a data-driven culture through purposeful application using artificial intelligence and analysis. With the right expertise, data-driven decision-making is closer than you realize.

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Excella will partner with you to craft and execute a data strategy that lasts. Our AI and analytics experts will work with you to tackle your biggest data challenges, leaving you with accessible, actionable data products and improved data literacy to drive your organization’s mission forward. Learn how our approach to AI and analytics will transform your organization and bring you a greater return on investment.

Optimize for the Future with AI and Analytics

Our holistic approach to AI and analytics solutions leverages modern practices like DataOps and MLOps to unlock the potential of your datasets and deliver value faster. Our experts work closely with your teams to understand your mission and business priorities to create solutions that seamlessly integrate into your organization. Excella’s teams are experienced in applying Agile principles to rapidly respond to changing environments, shorten feedback loops, and quickly deploy new solutions.

Our AI and Analytics Capabilities

Analytics Automation

Deliver fully automated solutions that reduce risk and increase efficiency through resilient data pipelines created using DataOps practices and tools – enabling continuous delivery of new data assets, automated data quality monitoring and population of high-performance data structures to support a variety of analytics use cases.

Modern Analytics Enablement

Transform legacy data systems into modern Cloud native data solutions that maximize the advantages of elastic storage and processing power to deliver data in real time or in batches to suit your business needs, from simple reports to advanced AI models.

Data Governance

Streamline data governance programs to curate and protect data assets using tool automation and embedding data steward activities into daily business operations.

Data Literacy

Upskill your team though learning programs designed to optimize and promote confident data use for audiences from executives to junior team members.

Results that Last

Data Design Expertise

Our data visualization specialists create intuitive report and dashboard designs with an accessibility first approach to increase user adoption.

Responsible AI

Our data scientists design with ethics and explainability at the forefront to deliver transparent, trusted analytics solutions.

DataOps & MLOps Expertise

Our solutions are developed by experienced data engineers and Machine Learning engineers using tools and practices that reduce risk and increase product resilience and scalability.

Data Security and Governance

Our experts help you protect data assets by appropriate user access using modern catalog and governance solutions that integrate smoothly into business operations and empower your data stewards.

Agile for Data

Our team uses our exclusive Rapid AnalytiX framework to accelerate early data discovery, support swift solution refinement and automate deployment and monitoring of data solutions.

Proven AI and Analytics Success

Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS OIG)

Identifying and Assessing Fraudulent and Irresponsible Funding

With the Grants Analytics Portal (GAP), Excella helped to build a machine learning solution that enabled our customer to identify high risk instances of grants funding by systematically finding and prioritizing outliers and anomalies and presenting recommendations for further analysis to auditors and investigators.

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