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Investment Program

ImpaX: Our Community Work

At Excella, we strive to positively impact the organizations we work with through the power of technology. We apply the same ethos to ImpaX, our award-winning community investment program, named after a piece of our mission that focuses on creating an impact on our clients, employees, and community. We developed ImpaX with a desire to give back and make positive changes in the communities where we live and work. The program harnesses our abilities to build lasting relationships, tackle complex problems, and make people’s lives easier. Each of our employees receives a certain number of community service hours to dedicate to volunteer programs in place of a normal work-day, making it easier to dedicate time to our local community.

We partner with Homestretch, Inc. in Fairfax for our community investment program to aid them in accomplishing their mission of helping homeless families obtain self-sufficiency, stability, and permanent affordable housing. By focusing on a single cause, we maximize our contribution to Homestretch while helping Excellians find compelling ways to use their expertise and capabilities to give back.

Through the ImpaX community investment program, we contribute time, money, expertise, and leadership to Homestretch through volunteer programs and special annual events. For more information about Homestretch and what they do for the Northern Virginia community, please visit their website.

Featured Outreach

Featured at The Opportunity Project Demo Day: Open Innovation in Action, we were thrilled to have MySpot included amongst the rest of this standout group of tools and resources! Led by Excella within the interagency collaboration of the Opportunity Project—the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Education, the Treasury, Veterans Affairs, and Housing and Urban Development—mySpot helps youth experiencing homelessness find shelters, Wi-Fi hotspots, and much more. Through user advocate testing and other review opportunities, mySpot highlights resources necessary for youth without a permanent address.

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