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We Are Better Together

Our Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity & Equity


At Excella, we believe that Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (ID&E) fosters innovation through an inclusive workforce and enhances our culture. Creating a supportive environment through deeper mutual understanding is critical to ensuring that every Excellian feels welcomed, respected, and a sense of community. When it comes to making Excella an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace where we all grow—we know we are better together.

7 diverse co-workers sitting at a table with books and notes

Growing Together

Our purpose is to cultivate exceptional careers for our employees by creating meaningful solutions for our clients. We strive to recruit top talent with diverse backgrounds, education, and professional experiences to grow with us. You’ll join a community of experts dedicated to solving unsolvable problems to make technology work for everyone.

6 diverse co-workers viewing a laptop

Learning Together

Our affinity groups and Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Ambassador (IDEA) Team brings our ID&E vision to life to ensure we value and serve everyone in our communities. As we learn from each other we discover who we are collectively, which pushes our work and culture beyond the bounds of what any Excellian could accomplish individually.

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Innovating Together

As a firm, we empower Excellians to use their uniqueness and bring differing perspectives to our organization—driving innovative, world-class solutions for our clients and Excella.

Our ID&E Resources

Excella Innovators: Leslie Welch
As the Co-leader for Excella's Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Ambassador (IDEA) Team, we spoke to Leslie about data visualization, inclusion, equity, and diversity (ID&E), and her favorite part about working at Excella.
Addressing Racial Injustice
We stand in solidarity against racial injustice. We believe in inclusion, diversity, and equity.
How To Bring Equity To Government Technology
Excella wholeheartedly supports President Biden’s Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.
Addressing Racially Motivated Attacks Against the AAPI Community
Excella condemns acts of racism, xenophobia, and intolerance against AAPI communities. For our AAPI Excellians, please know your Excella colleagues stand with you.

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Mahreen Rashid
Executive Vice President of People Services
Leslie Welch
Data Visualization Xpert

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Ambassador Team Co-Lead

James Greene
Project Management Lead

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Ambassador Team Co-Lead