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Organizational Transformation

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The time for change is now. To truly maximize the benefits of your technology initiatives, your organization must embrace continuous change and evolution. Start accelerating your value gains today and transform your tomorrow with better ways of working.

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True transformation involves every level of an organization. With Excella’s extensive digital, culture, and business transformation experience, you will see accelerated results through greater team alignment across your organization. Learn how our approach to integrating new technology with streamlined processes and new ways of working will unleash the potential of your staff.

Experience the Power of Change

Our approach to transformation leverages our strong history of pioneering Agile principles and applying them to enable transformational change. Our experts understand that there is no one-size-fits-all formula to change and will tailor a transformation roadmap that builds on team-level and scaling frameworks that best fit your organization. Using frameworks that best fit your organization, Excella’s industry-recognized Agile coaches will help you create a system of continuous improvement and innovation, to reduce rework, improve time to value, and empower your people.

Make Change with our Transformative Solutions

Agile Explorations

Create greater organizational clarity and cross-functional alignment by exploring your organization’s current state and transformation goals.

Team Alignment Facilitation

Improve operational effectiveness and efficiency by connecting your organization’s strategy to your teams’ day-to-day work.

Tailored Roadmapping

Streamline your path to transformation by prioritizing improvements building on team-level frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP) and scaling frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale) that best fit your organization.

Agile Coaching, Training, and Empowerment

Upskill your teams with hands-on delivery support and real-time education to increase operational efficiency and adopt better ways of working.

Benefits to Our Approach

Strong Foundation for Agile Delivery and Scaling

We draw upon the Agile Scaling Manifesto to help you adopt a collaborative, Agile development approach, leaving your teams with the knowledge they need to scale successfully.

Best Fit Combination of Agile Frameworks

We introduce and facilitate new ways of working – from lean discovery methods to accelerated data analysis – from top to bottom at your organization to help you become more effective and efficient.

Process to Goal Alignment

We empower organizations to align their value streams to optimize cross-departmental flow and create synergy across the organization.

Lasting Systemic Change

We don’t believe that one size fits all. Our experts identify the underlying causes and interdependencies of your challenges and collaborate with your teams to build change that lasts.

Interdisciplinary Advantage

We go beyond Agile. Our solutions teams draw upon Excella’s cross-functional capabilities to support your transformation at every level – from deep technical expertise, such as DevSecOps and DataOps, to business-facing expertise, such as Product Management, Human Centered Design, LeanUX, Design Thinking, and more.

Proven Transformation Success

Modernizing the American Dream: How USCIS Dramatically Reduced Verification Case Processing Times

Achieving unprecedented levels of scalability

With Excella’s support, USCIS  updated three of these mission-critical legacy systems. The modernized systems have dramatically decreased case processing times, improved customer service, and introduced a new, modern technology infrastructure. Their success demonstrates that leaner government IT processes can effectively respond to 21st century needs.

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Improving Delivery and Customer Satisfaction with Agile and DevSecOps

Improved Customer Satisfaction through Refined Planning and Enhanced Agility

With Excella support, USAJOBS’s Agile teams successfully adopted automation throughout their DevSecOps development, delivery, and support processes to dramatically enhance the website’s performance. These improvements allowed the site to be named one of Forbes Magazines “10 Best Websites for your Career” in 2013 and USAJOBS ASCI jumped to an all-time high in 2014.

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myUSCIS: Pioneering the Future of Government Services

Seamlessly Modernizing the Customer Experience

With Excella’s help, myUSCIS, the flagship U.S. citizenship application and suite of digital products and tools not only provides applicants and petitioners with a better user experience, but it also reduces administrative costs for the U.S. government. USCIS customers continue to receive value from an upgraded customer experience and, as the results show, are welcoming the digital move

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How Silverline Communications Put Agile Marketing in Action

Value-Driven Communications and Marketing

With Excella’s help, the Silverline Communications team found the right Agile approach for them and incrementally transformed their work processes over four months, creating new policies and eliminating impediments that had long hindered them. As the team gained confidence, the team has found more ways to deliver and share their value with clients and clients have had more opportunities to gain insights into their communications and marketing activities. For Silverline, putting Agile marketing into action began with a transformative mindset shift, but maintaining and improving their agility never ends.

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