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Mike Brown

Cloud, DevOps, IT Modernization

3 Tips to Deploy Your App in the Cloud

You’ve built a fantastic application, and now you want to make it available to people....

Developer Tools, Software Development, Tools

3 Tips for Integrating Jenkins Job DSL Plugin

Creating and editing jobs in Jenkins is a tedious and error-prone task. A Jenkins server...

Django, Python, Software Development

Scaling Django Channels with Docker

Earlier this summer, I attended PyCon in Portland, Oregon. The talk that excited me the...

Developer Tools, Django, Python, Software Development

Creating a RESTful API: Django REST Framework vs. Flask

There are a multitude of frameworks for creating RESTful APIs in just about every popular...

Continuous Integration, DevOps, Open Source, Project Management, Software Development

Three Tangible Advantages of Going Open Source

There are two common benefits cited as reasons to make a project open source: Generosity:...

Developer Tools, Docker, Vagrant

Vagrant vs Docker: The Development Environment Challenge

Earlier this June, I gave a talk at DevOpsDays DC about a tool called Vagrant....