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Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (OCNA)




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Ovarian cancer is hard to diagnose, challenging to treat, and impacts thousands of women every year. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (OCNA) is working to change that by raising awareness and advocating for women’s health issues nationwide. When it came time for OCNA to launch their State Report Card, 50 States of Teal: Ovarian Cancer Care Across America, a collection of vital health metrics on all 50 states, they needed a fresh, engaging way to share the data with their stakeholders. The team at Excella and the Extension Center took the data and built a digital solution that included a responsive, interactive online website to bring a whole new layer of visibility to this amazing cause.

Showcasing Important Data for Maximum Impact

OCNA is an organization with a big mission – to advance the interests of women with ovarian cancer. Their mission includes connecting patients, caregivers, and survivors to the information and resources they need, as well as advocating to ensure that ovarian cancer and women’s health issues are top of mind for legislators and decisions-makers here in Washington and around the country.

To support their mission, OCNA developed 50 States of Teal: Ovarian Cancer Care Across America, a set of metrics to assess how well women in each state are connected to the services they need to prevent, detect, and combat the disease. In order to have the greatest impact on their stakeholders, OCNA needed to showcase the information in an engaging format that was accessible and easy to use. They called on Excella to build a digital solution that could tell their story through data while being mindful of their timelines, budget, and the highly personalized nature of their work. Our team jumped at the chance to support this project!

An Agile Approach Delivers an Interactive Solution

Excella created an agile project roadmap to deliver a comprehensive solution to OCNA in just four months. The team brought on a project manager, visual designer, and developers from the Excella Extension Center to create a flexible solution that fit OCNA’s needs and budget. OCNA’s team was engaged every step of the way to provide feedback and guidance for the project while they worked to build out their additional programs.

The Excella team built an interactive map with an Angular front-end to showcase the State Report Card information and allow for responsive design and scalability. The back-end leveraged Django to manage the database and provide a content management system that is easy for OCNA staff to access and update regularly. The design reflects OCNA’s “50 States of Teal” branding and allows users to quickly and easily f ind specific information about their state.

A Tool Built to Engage, Inspire, and Foster Change

The result was a highly interactive tool that OCNA staff use to educate and inspire their patient advocate community and state legislators from Connecticut to California. As National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month kicks off, the team will showcase the report in a nationwide media campaign and use it to lead important discussions with legislators, healthcare providers and advocates. Going forward the OCNA team will continue to add new data and information to expand the project’s impact.

The Excella team is proud to use our tech skills to move such an important cause forward. Our small, agile team was flexible enough to provide a high-quality solution to keep costs manageable and enable OCNA and their stakeholders to provide the best possible care across all 50 states.


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