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Visualizing Hiring Metrics at OPM During COVID-19

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The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) manages the government’s civilian workforce with a mission “to recruit, retain, and honor a world-class force to serve the American people.” As the COVID-19 pandemic grew in scale and severity, OPM wanted to know how the outbreak was changing key hiring metrics and affecting the agency’s goal of managing the civilian workforce. OPM was looking for a recurring report that helps them understand how the pandemic is affecting planning activities and their ability to meet other agencies’ needs in hiring high-quality candidates, but disparate data and manual collection processes held them back from efficiently tracking hiring trends.

HR Solutions (HRS) at OPM engaged Excella to aid in creating this report that helps deliver on the mission of HRS at OPM ”to provide exceptional human resources products and services to meet the dynamic needs of the federal government.” In order to actively and efficiently track hiring metrics like job announcements posted, applications completed, and website traffic to USAJOBS main portal, OPM needed to centralize the datasets and make them easily replicated.

Excella’s experts originally created email mockups of the report, which later evolved into a need for an easily shared one-page document. Our data visualization experts decided to create a Tableau dashboard to condense the information, provide a format that was more digestible for users, and make it simple for federal employees to update on a weekly basis using data visualization best practices. This dashboard improved readability and standardized formatting for the various datasets, allowing a more comprehensive view of the data for stakeholders.

Read this case study to explore how OPM moved away from manual data collection and ad-hoc reporting to a centralized Tableau dashboard that decreased reporting time significantly and allowed the report to be continually updated and distributed on a weekly basis.

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