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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Enable, optimize and transform your processes, products and teams with artificial intelligence.


Our Approach

We customize solutions that turn your data into meaningful and actionable intelligence. With our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Modern Analytics Solutions, you own the model, the logic, the intellectual property, and data to evolve as you need.

Our experts partner with you, train your team, and incorporate Lean, DevOps, Design Thinking, Agile and Business Process Re-engineering to deliver what you need. This cross-functional approach encourages iterative delivery, addresses cultural changes, and enables artificial intelligence (AI) at scale.

AI Solutions

We build Artificial Intelligence Solutions which support—and enhance—people’s work. Bringing open-source tool expertise to build cloud-ready solutions and enterprise-scale AI. We automate time-consuming tasks that modern machines can now execute faster and more accurately (such as finding patterns in images, text or speech).

Process Automation

Spend your time focused on high-value activities. We increase the automation of routine, repeatable tasks, so humans can focus on higher-value work. We do this to augment and support decision-making and scale processes. This optimizes people by making them more effective in what they do with increased visibility into the data and the process.

Excella’s team used survival analysis to provide personalized processing time estimates for each milestone in the citizenship process. This led to an 8 – 10% reduced call volume and improved customer experience.

Intelligent Assistant

Companies provide a lot of customer support – internally and externally. Resources are limited, but people want faster, more personal interactions. Intelligent Assistants go beyond basic tree-responses. These bots automate common questions and incorporate learning to customize answers.

Excella delivered DALE – an intelligent assistant for citizenship able to converse with applicants through a complex information journey while reducing demand for call center inquiries.

Fraud Analysis

Identifying potential fraud to investigate is a time consuming, data-intense, high-value activity – perfect for computer assistance. We build decision support systems to help companies identify, investigate, and recover fraud for programs and services.

Excella delivered a Grants Analytics Portal that helps Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General identify grants fraud faster and take action to halt it, saving taxpayer dollars.

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Modern Analytics

We work with you to understand where decisions are being made within your organization, the actions they initiate and the data needed to support them. We translate that into a toolkit customized to your needs leveraging open source options, our market vendor expertise and a cloud-first approach. The result is an analytics eco-system tailored to your business needs.

Our customizable analyst toolkits provide self-service tools for everyone from executives reading dashboards to data scientists building machine learning models. We help you select the right tools and data platforms, build data pipelines and repositories, add people-friendly visualization and train users in advanced analysis techniques so you feel confident with your tools even after our engagement ends.

We combine Agile, Lean and DevOps practices to help you move even faster— for one client, we delivered a product in only 14 months that had been on leadership’s wish list for more than six years.



Organizations We Support

Cloud Analytics DC
and analytics practitioners meet to discuss best practices, trends and ideas to leverage the Cloud for analytics activities.

NTIS Advisory Board
Excella’s Director of Engineering and Services, Claire Walsh, is one of four members on the NTIS Advisory Board, appointed by Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross. NTIS has a mission to enable data innovation across the federal government. Drawing upon the expertise of its members, the Board advises the Secretary of Commerce and the Director of NTIS on policies and provides guidance regarding customer needs, trends in the information industry and changes in the way NTIS customers acquire and use its products and services.


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Truck Safety Coalition: On a Mission to Save Lives with Data is essential for the Truck Safety Coalition to understand and prevent truck-related fatalities. But old data sets and a lack of interactive tools limited how much they could share with lawmakers and stakeholders. Excella’s data experts used Tableau to help TSC uncover the hidden stories in years of Department of Transportation data – all in less than two months!

Unify DevOps and Data Science to Add Value
What happens when you bring the benefits of DevOps to data teams? Cross-functional Agile teams encourage faster iteration and knowledge sharing while having all the specialties required for successful end-to-end projects.

Understanding AI (and What It Means For Business)
AI is not just for Silicon Valley anymore, but widespread fears and misinformation still keep many organizations from using new technologies. A better understanding of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacts business outcomes is critical to moving organizations forward.


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