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Powerful Insights that Drive Future Focused Organizations

Data is prolific.

Effective use of data, and the insights it offers, confers strategic advantage. To keep pace, you need to capitalize on opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence (AI)

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Transforming Organizations with AI

Excella collaborates with our clients to solve their biggest challenges. By harnessing the power of AI, our clients have experienced:

Reduction of fraud, waste, and abuse in government

Increased customer satisfaction

Improved efficiencies through automation of manual work

Improved the quality, outcomes and decisions of patient care

More effective and proactive detection of fraud

Reduction of high healthcare costs

Optimize for the Future With AI

Our AI experts use available data sources to create machine learning (ML) models tailored to your specific mission and business priorities. We employ a proprietary Agile discovery and delivery model that assesses available alternatives and rapidly identifies the best solution. Our MLOps capabilities emphasize ease of use, maintenance, and adaptability to evolve with your changing environment and the ever-expanding universe of data sources and types.

Starting with a transparency-first approach, using our explainable AI principles, our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your business processes and applications.

Our holistic AI approach incorporates these four elements in every solution to ensure your solution supports your organization’s goals.

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Building Responsible and Ethical AI Solutions

AI models increasingly contribute to or even make decisions that significantly impact peoples’ lives. It is essential to have an ethical framework in place to prevent the introduction of bias and irresponsible use. We use our AI Ethics guidelines with our clients to assess this risk to ensure the fundamental interests of people and diverse stakeholder groups are protected. We embed this ethical approach into AI solutions before we start building and employ explainable AI design approaches to maintain transparency throughout. This is not a once-and-done.

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Agile Delivery

You Can Only Move as Fast as You Can Learn

Our exclusive Rapid Analytix offering is a repeatable and proven Agile discovery and delivery model that integrates best practices from Lean Discovery, Agile Delivery, and DevSecOps Automation. We employ rapid learning cycles to accelerate the identification of the best modeling approaches, speed their delivery to production, and ease your maintenance burden.

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Security & Data Governance

Actively defend against emerging security threats

We employ a zero-trust architecture approach to secure our AI solutions and their supporting infrastructure. We maximize the benefit of your data by establishing value-based governance of data and AI models using intelligent data catalogs and Agile prioritization techniques. At the same time, we document your data landscape, making it easier to audit your data, document its potential, and use it for strategic advantage.

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Gain Competitive Edge and Maximize Mission Impact

Leveraging MLOps via automated tooling and infrastructure we can expedite validation solution approaches more rapidly, eliminate repetitive manual tasks, and improve quality in production through monitoring and automated retraining and redeployment. Just as DevOps brings advantages to software development, MLOps is advantageous for AI. Rapid, reliable, reproducible deployment of the entire solution is critical for feedback and value. Automated monitoring provides continued reliability of model accuracy as data changes over time.

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A Proven Partner in AI Implementation

We partner with our clients to build sustainable AI solutions with a MLOps mindset that evolves with their organization and the changing regulatory environment. Our clients are realizing their future through technology.

Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS OIG)

Identifying and Assessing Fraudulent and Irresponsible Funding

With the Grants Analytics Portal (GAP), Excella helped to build a machine learning solution that enabled our customer to identify high risk instances of grants funding by systematically finding and prioritizing outliers and anomalies and presenting recommendations for further analysis to auditors and investigators.


Using GAP, HHS Operatives found over 50,000 possible Single Audit Fraud and Abuse Findings in a single fiscal year. More than twice as many as reported by auditors using structured data.

Streamlined the audit reporting, evaluations, and investigations process that supports the oversight of $494 billion in grants to 21,000 recipients annually.

1,600 employees can spend less time performing manual analysis and more effectively target their investigations

Reduced dependence on tips and known bad actors to identify new fraud schemes

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DoD Eye in the Sky Challenge

Accelerating AI Solution Delivery with Agile and DevSecOps

In Excella’s entry for DoD’s Eye in the Sky Challenge, we showcased our expertise at applying Agile principles and DevSecOps techniques to the challenge of delivering AI solutions. We used AI/ML to analyze satellite images and accelerate the identification of areas most seriously impacted by natural disasters, like floods, earthquakes, and landslides. Every second counts in disaster response, so the ability to quickly identify those areas is crucial.

Since we were uncertain of the best approach to solving the problem and we had limited time to devise a solution, we explored multiple alternatives in parallel, using rapid feedback loops and MLOps automation to accelerate our progress.


Faster identification of areas impacted by natural disasters.

Proven approaches for using Agile principles and practices to accelerate the delivery of AI solutions (included in our Rapid AnalytiX framework).

Automated MLOps routines to allow rapid cycles of model training and validation, facilitating the pursuit of alternative solution approaches in parallel.

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Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC)

Accelerating the Delivery of AI Solutions and Promoting their Adoption at Scale

JAIC’s mission is to be the central hub for AI/ML across the military in support of U.S. warfighters around the world. Excella is furthering this mission. We led the establishment of the DoD’s cloud-enabled AI platform, the Joint Common Foundation (JCF). We crafted DevSecOps standards for the JCF and helped establish deployment pipelines that allow continuous delivery of advanced solutions. We championed the introduction of data governance standards and effective security standards and protocols.


Containerized, multi-tiered solutions deployed in the JCF to catalog disparate data, speed its sharing and discovery, and increase collaboration across DoD.

Data infrastructure and data governance processes to rapidly ingest data from various systems across DoD.

Roles and processes for appropriately managing the entire data lifecycle.

DevSecOps pipelines that allow AI/ML solutions to be deployed under a continuous ATO (authority to operate).

USAID Intelligent Forecasting Tech Challenge

Using AI to Improve Logistics and Enhance Decision-Making

In response to a USAID Technical Challenge, Excella used AI/ML to improve forecasts of medical supply needs at remote clinics. These needs fluctuate based on many variables and it is difficult to predict just how much medicine will be needed at a given clinic. To increase the certainty that medical supplies will be there when needed, Excella used the Rapid AnalytiX framework to explore multiple alternatives, investigate disparate datasets, and experiment with different algorithms to develop solutions to this complex logistical problem.


Improved ability to forecast medical supply needs at remote health delivery sites.

Reduced waste in the medical logistics system and fewer medications expiring before they can be used.

Better medical service to populations in remote locations through improved access to the medicines they need.

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Tech Sprint

Identifying Potentially Fraudulent or Forged Documents

Inspired by the challenges of CFPB and their work with consumer complaints, Excella developed an extensible AI/ML solution for identifying potentially fraudulent or forged documents. Our goal was to develop something that fit specific CFPB use cases while also being generic enough to meet the needs of other federal agencies and private sector businesses. We succeeded, crafting a model that can successfully flag duplicate documents and forgeries, with no false positives.


Extensible AI/ML model that can identify potentially fraudulent or forged documents and highlight them for additional investigation.

Ability to free employees from tedious manual document review and concentrate their attention instead on the detailed analysis necessary to provide enhanced customer service.

Configurable parameters that allow adjustment to a variety of document types and formats.

100% accuracy with no false positives.

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We believe in the power of technology, and we cultivate highly engaged teams of technologists to help our clients make real progress. Our expert technologists and clients have won awards by industry-recognized organizations.

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