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Digital Service Delivery

To your customers, digital services are more than technology—they’re what makes life easier. And they expect your products to be intuitive and dependable. We make sure you build services that resonate today, with an eye to the future so your digital service delivery never causes you to lose momentum in a rapidly changing digital marketplace.

Our Approach: Delivering User-Focused Digital Services with Lean Discovery, Agile Delivery and a DevOps Mindset.

Lean Discovery

What’s the “right” solution? A data-driven, user-centric approach helps us know what delights customers.

    1. Data, Not Assumptions
      Persist or pivot? Here’s how we decide:
      • Follow successive Build-Measure-Learn cycles and evaluate data constantly.
      • Regularly obtain user feedback to drive minimal viable product (MVP) and minimum marketable features (MMF).
      • Evaluate production data continuously to validate what users like (or not).
    1. Focus on User Experience
      Can users navigate the solution from start to finish? Is navigation, style and language consistent? Addressing the entire experience (online and offline) ensures we’re building something your users will actually use.

Agile Delivery & DevOps Mindset

Build together. Build smarter. Go faster.

    1. Together as One Team
      Small cross-disciplined teams work together to deliver valuable working software—a job is not done until the product is in production, working, usable, and valuable.
    2. Dedicated Product Owner
      An authorized and empowered Product Owner is critical. This person is committed to building the best product possible and leads the team and project daily.
    3. Iterative and Incremental Approach
      The Product Owner and teamwork together in short iterations to deliver incremental features to production—enabling users to test features and validate what to build next.
    4. Modern Tech Stack
      There is no pre-determined set of tools, no right way. Your tech stack should meet your project needs and help you build smarter. Here’s why:

      • Flexible, cloud-based, open-source tools enable test automation, deployment automation, and cloud hosting.
      • Scaling and disaster recovery occur automatically based on real-time
      • Infrastructure as code eliminates slower, less efficient manual work.
    5.  Automate Testing and Deployments
      Automation enables speed to value. By going faster you can deliver more high-quality products repeatedly and reliably, and with reduced operational and delivery risks.

Organizations We Support

Tech Talk DC
Hosted and organized by Excella’s technologists, this meetup discusses best practices, new tools and technologies.

DC’s DevOps community meet monthly to catch up on the latest DevOps tools, services and best practices.

Action Design DC
Action Design connects DC UX designers, data scientists, and others who design products helping people take action in their lives.

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