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It’s hard to move forward when your technology is stuck in the past.

Outdated IT systems are costly to maintain and delay your digital transformation. A successful modernization solves your current challenges and helps you keep evolving.

Whether your IT system is 30 or five-years-old, it’s been central to your work. It’s also full of critical data and your users rely on it every day. Our approach to modernization is built with these concerns in mind.

Our Approach: Modernize Gradually to Move Forward Fast

Gradual replacement is an iterative and incremental approach to modernization. Unlike a “big bang” approach, we slice the system into smaller segments, replacing them with flexible, scalable, modular technology. We start with the highest priority section of the system, build it in a new environment and deliver it to customers for feedback.

This Agile approach enables us to deliver value in days and weeks, making it the least risky and most cost-effective way to modernize. Because replacement occurs over time, the system is always operational, ensuring you remain responsive to customers and never lose momentum.

We implement gradual replacement by applying proven concepts in two stages:

  1. Discover & Prioritize to solve the most pressing problems right away
  2. Navigate & Transform to deliver fully modernized systems that evolve for future needs.

Discover & Prioritize

First, we discover the system, prioritize business and customer needs- and identify an immediate change to deliver value, such as:

  • Quick Win – An MVP or a process, tool, design change delivered
  • Improved Pipeline – DevOps pipeline (CI/CD) delivered
  • Enhance Technology – Initial cloud architecture delivered
  • Path Forward – Roadmap and product backlog, change management plan delivered

Navigate & Transform

After Discover & Prioritize, you’ll have quantifiable, proven results. Now you’re ready to navigate and transform the entire system, including architecture and data, business processes and user experience.

Elevated Architecture/Data

  • Improved security
  • System resilience and reliability
  • Maintainability

More Efficient Business Process

  • Eliminate redundancies, increase efficiencies
  • Eliminate manual process to focus on high-value service

Superior Customer Experience

  • Greater customer retention with self-service options, better communication
  • Increase revenue, decrease cost with paperless options, fewer manual processes and wait-time over phones or online


Organizations We Support

International Institute of Business Analysis
The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) is the recognized, nonprofit association for business analysis professionals around the world.

Tech Talk DC
Hosted and organized by Excella’s technologists, this meetup discusses best practices, new tools and technologies.

Change Management Meetup
DC’s Change Management (CM) community meet to add new skills.


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