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Our Offerings

Customer Engagement

•  Business Process Re-engineering
•  Design Thinking
•  Organization Adoption
•  User Experience
•  User Satisfaction

Modern Platform: Cloud and DevOps

•  Account Provisioning
•  Cloud Architecture and Templates
•  Disaster Recovery
•  Enterprise Management
•  Process Automation
•  CI/CD Pipelines
•  Containers and Microservices
•  Data Security
•  Incident Management
•  Monitoring and Observability

At Scale

•  Agile Scaling Frameworks (SAFe, LeSS )
•  Business Process Improvement
•  Data Migration Strategy
•  Product Ownership
•  Rapid Product Delivery


Our Approach

Jump Start

In the first 3 months, we conduct Discovery and Assessment to fully understand your needs, your customer needs, and your team. We deliver an MVP with CI/CD pipeline to show value, gain buy-in, and validate our solution.


We partner with the Product Owner to establish context for your organization in the first 2 weeks. We adapt our user-focused approach based on the client needs.


We will conduct an initial review of your organization, system architectures and team experience to determine which applications or groups are best suited for a modern architecture. Our initial review analyzes your business logic, software architecture, infrastructure, employee development, agile capabilities, and engineering culture.

MVP + CI/CD Pipeline:

A pilot team develops and deploys a minimal viable product and CI/CD pipeline to build organizational buy-in, engage stakeholders with a clear vision, and use any challenges to inform continuous improvement efforts as we expand the framework to more teams and agencies.


Rapid Delivery at Scale

Once we’ve established the successful framework for teams to deliver quality product quickly, we scale to more teams or more products or both.

Our approach focuses on gradual replacement – iteratively, incrementally replacing the legacy systems with the new systems. We do this by implementing the Strangler Pattern. This approach is less risky and delivers early value with quick feedback loops. This approach incorporates adapting and adjusting based on feedback; it is proven to get the best results.

We do this through Agile Scaling, Change Management, Data Migration, DevOps (Cloud, Containers, CI/CD Pipelines), Modern Architecture, Modern Operations, Product Ownership, and User Experience.

Impact Outcomes

  • Transformed Workforce and Learning Organization
  • Sustained change
  • Reusable processes, templates, information radiators
  • Modernized system which improves customer experience, delivery speed, security at reduced costs, and risks


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