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Rich McCabe

Agile, Dear Agile, Scrum

Dear Agile: Can We Have Multiple Product Owners?

This post is the latest in Excella’s Dear Agile series of blog posts. Have a...

Agile Coaching, Culture

Waterfall Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome: when the intimacy—albeit abusive and intimidating—of a prolonged captivity causes hostages to develop...


Agile Transformation in 2 (Simple) Steps

So, you want your organization to adopt Agile practices? All right, let’s do this! It...

Agile, CSPO, Scrum

8 True Commitments Agile Teams Owe Management and Stakeholders

Management commits real money to support a development team and expects real commitments from the...


10 True Commitments Agile Teams Need from Management

A team can’t “become Agile” in a vacuum. The covenant that management and the surrounding...