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Insights / Excellian Spotlights / Jeff Gallimore Announced as a 2020 WashingtonExec’s Chief Officer Awards Finalist

June 09, 2020

Jeff Gallimore Announced as a 2020 WashingtonExec’s Chief Officer Awards Finalist

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“A Worthwhile Career is Full of Risks” – Jeff Gallimore.


WashingtonExec announced its finalists for the 2020 Chief Officer Awards on May 13th. Excella’s Jeff Gallimore was selected as a Private Company CTO finalist. Leading up to the event, WashingtonExec interviews finalists to learn more about their careers, successes, proud professional moments and notable risks.

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What was a turning point or inflection point in your career?

I started my professional career as a developer. I worked in command lines and with code editors most of my day and often into the night and on weekends. I loved creating systems and making computers do useful things. I loved technical problem-solving, the creativity involved and the power of what technology could do. I discovered the world of technology changes quickly and there were always new tools, new techniques and new tricks to try out.

Shortly after starting my company, Excella, I found myself on a government contract in a program management office. At the time, I didn’t even really know what a program management office did. We weren’t building any systems (directly, anyway). I wouldn’t be coding. In fact, there was no code in sight anywhere. What on Earth was I supposed to be doing? It was uncomfortable for me not knowing how to contribute confidently.

I eventually figured out what I was supposed to do, and that engagement became one of the most professionally rewarding and transformative experiences of my career.

I learned the roles of people and process in accomplishing business goals, in addition to the technology. I learned process was more important than technology and people were much more important than anything. I learned about the human element of technology. This experience opened my eyes to what the real power of technology was — to make an impact on people’s lives. I’m so thankful for the opportunity because of what I learned through it.

What’s the biggest professional risk you’ve ever taken?

I’m a big believer a worthwhile career is full of risks and the biggest risk I’ve taken was starting Excella in early 2002. Of course, starting a company is a risk, but the circumstances surrounding Excella’s launch were what made it so risky. I had good stability and career growth at my employer, I had a family and a mortgage, and in mid-2001, the dot-com bubble had burst, the telecom market had crashed and 9/11 had just happened. It was the rock bottom of the IT economy. What a perfect time to start an IT consulting firm, right? It was definitely a professional — and personal — true leap of faith.

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