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Excella Innovators: Nicole Spence-Goon

When Scaling Meets Collective Agile Experience, Transformation Happens  You may know Agile Coach and Lead Consultant, Nicole Spence-Goon, from her “3...

Culture, Excellian Highlight

Excella Innovators: Vic Kumar

Solving the Right Problems with the Right Technologies For Vic Kumar—Lead Consultant and Xpert on...

News, Women in Technology

Sandy Gillespie Announced as a 2021 WashingtonExec’s Chief Officer Awards Finalist

“Being Humbled By Failure Is Quite A Valuable Life Lesson” – Sandy Gillespie.   WashingtonExec...


Jeff Gallimore Announced as a 2020 WashingtonExec’s Chief Officer Awards Finalist

“A Worthwhile Career is Full of Risks” – Jeff Gallimore.   WashingtonExec announced its finalists...