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Modernization | Automated Testing, Cloud, data integration, IT Modernization

3 Approaches to Cloud Migration (Pt. 1): A Lift and Shift Approach

The question for modern organizations is no longer “Do we move to cloud?”; instead it’s...

Modernization | Cloud, DevOps, Product Managers

5 Things Product Managers Need to Think About When Migrating to the Cloud

The 2019 State of the Cloud report found that 94% of 786 IT professionals use...

Tech Tips | Agile, Agile at Scale, Tech Tips

Transformation Chaos: Quantify Your Company’s Impact

Agile coaching is what we love to do. There is nothing better than seeing a...

Tech Tips | Design, Tech Tips, User Experience

Three Ways to Build a More Friendly Product

When is the last time you enjoyed using software? It’s that feeling you get when...

Agile Training | Agile, CSM, CSPO, Professional Development

Knowing Your CSMs from Your CSPOs

Agile experts think great product owners act as entrepreneurs for their product. Product owners and...

Tech Tips | Agile, Agile Manifesto, Scrum Master, Tech Tips

Embrace the Chaos

You are probably familiar with some form of the following: Should we be using story...

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