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Tech Tips | Agile, Business Analysis, Tools

Agile Business Analyst Survival Kit: 5 Tools You Need To Get the Job Done

Fishing hooks, waterproof matches, folding knife, canteen, and compass:  these are amongst the essential items...

Agile Training | Agile

How Much Does Agile Training Cost?

As Agile training providers, we’re often asked, “How much does Agile training cost?”  While many...

Tech Tips | DevOps, Mobile, Software Development

How Do I Validate An Android Form?

I have heard lots of questions about how to develop for Android OS lately, so...

Professional Development | Agile, Certifications

Is The PMP® Certification Still Relevant In An Agile World?

Oh, the PMP® Certification:  a credential to be respected and revered…and sometimes mocked and/or smeared. If...

Tech Tips | Developer Tools, Java, Software Development

How Do I Write A Batch Job Using Java?

Admittedly, batch jobs are not sexy or even “in fashion” compared to other technologies, but...

Tech Tips | .NET, Developer Tools, DevOps

Are There Any Free Code Coverage Tools For .NET?

So you’re thinking about measuring the coverage of your developers’ unit tests using a code...

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