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Modern Analytics | Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Modern Analytics

30-Day Data Analysis

What is Data Analysis? Data analysis is the process of turning raw data into actionable...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning

What Skills Do You Need on an AI Project?

The Basics If you are starting an Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative, one of the first things you need...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Data Science

Haunted by Data Quality Issues? Call DataOps!

October is here and with it comes jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, witches, and yes…bad data. There are many...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning

Don’t Be Spooked by AI: Debunking Common Machine Learning Myths

Artificial Intelligence is indeed our future, but to what extent will our world drastically change...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Artificial Intelligence, Project Management

Ten Compelling Reasons Why You Need AI

So, your boss dropped by your desk this morning with a new company initiative and...

Modernization | Developer Tools, Software Development, Tools

4 Common Misconceptions About Containers

You’re thinking about containers and what they mean for your organization; you want all the...

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